Landlord Guard Inc

Privacy Policy for Landlord Guard Inc.

The following outlines Landlord Guard's policy in regard to information obtained from visitors to our website.

A. We collect the following information from visitors to our website:

  • The domain name from which you access the internet;
  • The date and time the visitor accessed;
  • The Internet address of the web from which the visitor linked directly to; and
  • Any identifying information that a visitor may have provided Landlord Guard via an e-mail or a request for more information
  • When a potential member applies to use our service, we collect only the information necessary to verify your right to access the credit data (required by the credit bureaus that we have partnered with).

    If you are a Landlord Guard customer and are running a transaction, we collect your identifying information and information regarding the transaction in accordance with the terms outlined in our Landlord Guard's User Agreement.

    B. How we use the information we collect:

  • To facilitate the processing of associates' communication with Landlord Guard;
  • To monitor traffic over our website and maintenance of efficient operations of our website;
  • For disclosure to and use by third parties as outlined in Landlord Guard's User Agreement;
  • Internal marketing purposes and member notification;
  • If the visitor becomes a customer of Landlord Guard Inc., according to the terms and conditions of the Landlord Guard User Agreement; and
  • In emergencies when physical safety is believed to be at risk.
  • All information remains confidential in regards to the use of our products by our customers.

    C. Information Security

    Many of our customers will be required to enter a credit card number to process your requests. To protect your privacy and ensure your security, we use Secure Sockets Layer software (SSL). SSL is the industry standard for encrypting information on the Internet- which helps ensure the safety of the information you enter. To further protect your security we display only the last four digits of your credit card during your transaction. Of course, the entire credit card number must be transmitted to the appropriate credit card company to complete the transaction. To protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your account, always sign off when you are finished using our website.

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